Thursday, 5 November 2015

Hello Again

It has been quite some time since I blogged.  I just could not find the time to do it, but I recently got some inspiration to start it up again when my son asked me to help him make a blog.  It's about monsters and aliens (his new obsession). If you would like to check it out here's a link:

I decided to switch it up a bit, since I lost my crojo, and include some of the other projects I've been working on, and hopefully give me some inspiration to do more.

With Christmas coming I am starting to plan for our yearly tradition.  Hand Made Christmas.  We started it 3 years ago and it was partly to keep with the polish tradition of Mokolaj, and me being upset of how commercialized Christmas has become along side with how materialistic and selfish my kids were acting.  My children ages 15, 7, 4, and 2 at the time have never given gifts to me or each other.  When I asked my oldest the reason he answered because I don't have money to buy you stuff.  The idea of getting creative and using his talents to make us something was ridiculous to him.  So I decided to teach them something about kindness and sharing, and what better day than December 6, the day we celebrate Mikolaja (St Nick) in Poland.

I decided that on December 6th we will exchange hand made gifts with each other.  I have to say that the girls received the news much better than the boys in the family.  The first year we picked names out of a hat and the kids only had to make for one person.  I made something for each one of them.  This year I want them to make something for everyone in the family.  While my older daughter is already planning on what she will make, my son is still very resistant to the idea.  He loves getting his gifts but not having to put forth the effort to make them.

My list this year, time permitting will include some other relatives and close friends that are like family to me.  I hope that they appreciate the love we put into these gifts.

I'm starting to make a list with the lovely people in my life I'd like to bless with some love.  And stressing over the little time I have to make it all.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Finally getting some work done

So as usual I didn't get a chance to write up the pattern for the hats.  I don't know why I even plan on doing it.  There just isn't enough time in a day... but thought I would write a quick post to share with you some projects I've been working on in the past week.  I started testing for some new designers in the past couple of weeks, and here are some pieces made from their patterns.  

Any My Little Pony fans out there?  Well check out these hats.  How fun.  

Zecora pattern to be released soon.

Working on one more as we speak.  These will go in Christmas presents for some kids whose parents needed extra help buying gifts this year.  I will be making 12 hats this year to donate.  Hope to put a smile on some kids faces.

I also got to test an "Ollie Monster" pattern by Bobbles & Baubles... I am so in love with this little guy.  I think he turned out great.  Not sure what I will do with him yet.  Might keep him around for a while.  I made him with fun fur, or a cheap "dollar store" version of the yarn, which was great since I needed 4 balls of it to make him.  Would prove expensive if I paid $6+ per ball.  Crafting is not cheap.  I just am lucky to have a huge stash of yarn to go through.  But here he is, hope you like him as much as I do.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tests, tests, and more tests. Can a hobby be stressful?

What have I been up to?  What has been keeping me away from my blog?  Well it's summer is finally over which was super busy for us.  The kids were home from school, and we did a lot. My house flooded when my sump pump stopped working, and we're still trying to nicely get them to finish all the work.  My house is in shambles, but on a positive note we did get rid of a lot of stuff that we dumped down there.  Hopefully once we are done with it, the downstairs will be a better organized and used place.  Now that the kids are back at school I was lucky to get into a sewing class.  So excited.  I have used a sewing machine before, but never seem to find the time to sit down and work on any projects... kind of hard with 4 kids running around.  And when they finally pass out from exhaustion, instead of getting some sleep myself what do I do?  I came to a realization that I am working on other people's dreams.  But what beautiful dreams they are.  I have been very lucky and hooked up with some wonderful designers who need their patterns tested.  I have tested headbands, hats, dresses and even shawls.  The list is never ending, mainly because I cannot pass up a beautiful test without trying to get  it.  And that is how I end up with tons to do, and not enough waking hours to do it in.  That of course adds up to little or no sleep... and lots of stress.  So I guess the answer to my question is ... Yes a hobby can be stressful. 

But there are also rewards to what I do.  I think I am learning so much from these wonderful ladies, and am making beautiful things, and of course using up the huge yarn stash that I've accumulated.  But a girl can never have enough yarn... Especially since I keep running out of the ones I need :(   I think it's funny how although I have what I would consider a huge stash of yarn, I never seem to have what I need.  Now that might be mainly due to the fact that I simply cannot find what I need because my stash is not well organized.  I've been looking for ways to organize it but haven't found anything I was totally pleased with.  For now I settled on organizing it by type in vacuum seal bags.  This way I can see what I have, and know where to look for what I need.  Maybe not the best solution but works for my needs.  This is what my downstairs stash looked like.  Does not include what I had out or hidden upstairs... and explains my dilemma about finding yarn.

I have also worked up a pumpkin hat for my girls, since one of them has a school field trip to the pumpkin patch.  I first made a beanie, and then converted the pattern to a bonnet.  I love, love, love bonnets on little girls.  I am in the process of writing out the pattern, to share with you guys.  Hopefully will have it by next week.  

Thursday, 3 January 2013

The New Year

Here is to the New Year, and new beginnings.  We have been sick though the holidays and the New Year I spent in bed.  I am not big on celebrating so did not miss much.  I do try to do better than in the year before though.... so try to make a few New Year's resolutions.... that usually fade out as the months go on.  But here's to making this year better than the last :)

I have been super busy in the last few months crocheting and testing patterns.  I am now finally getting caught up on the things I wanted to make for my kids.  

What do you make with all your yarn ends?  Well I would tie it on and roll it into a big ball... Decided to use it up when making my son's gift.  A snake.  It's still a work in progress as he decided he wanted a cobra which complicated things a bit... I am now working on the flat cobra head... Oh the fun :)

Another project I worked on was an owl purse.  I've seen many different ones online... quite a few free.  I loved this Wise Owl Tote Bag from Red Heart.  It looked so lovely that I decided to make one.  Here is how mine turned out.

And here are some boot cuffs that I tested. They too turned out great. Best thing is they fit both of my girls.  Now that's definitely a bonus.

A friend from work had a birthday, in December and what better time to share my talents.  I made her a hat, and she loved it. That's what makes it all worth while.  I used the Little Miss Muffin pattern.  It is a second hat I made with this pattern.  The first one was for my daughter.  They both turned out awesome. 

And a little gift for me... I participated in a gift exchange with some of my fellow crochet ladies and got totally spoiled.  I got lots of goodies... Eeek :)

And last but not least, two of the many patterns I have tested that I totally fell in love with.  The Oopsy Loopsy hat by Boomer Beanies

Happy New Year Everyone :)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Time flies when you're busy

I've been quite busy lately thanks to some wonderful designers who let me test for them.  I think pattern testing is my new addiction.  It's up there with yarn buying.  Since I've slacked off blogging while Jay was here I will have to make up and show you guys some great patterns I have worked up.  This will take me a few blog posts, but I'm sure to show you some of the great talent out there. 

I also started going through my yarn, and putting all the stashes together in one place... hopefully.  I don't know if I have enough room to put it all... Nah... there is always room for yarn.  I'm thinking about invading Jay's closet.  He's hardly ever here anyways, and... well that might keep the kids out of there, and they won't be pulling on his stuff and knocking it to the ground.  I think it's a win / win situation :)  But seriously, I think I will need to research some organization methods of keeping all the yarn under control.  At least keep me from repeated trips to the yarn store for yarn I know I have but cannot find.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment.  I would love to hear how you keep  your yarn organized.  Number one priority though will be to untangle the ball of yarn mess in the basket next to my bed.  Partially due to my kids playing with it, and me not rolling it back up properly I have a tangled mess next to my bed, and it's driving me crazy.  It will take some time to untangle though and just looking at it is giving me a headache...

What do you think???? Yeah I know... and that doesn't even include the balls that this yarn belongs to... there is more :(  I think that when I am done I will post pictures of all the yarn I managed to pull out of there.

But on a positive note... this is a pattern I just finished testing "A bag divided" for  Little Luvies Shop.  This is my second time testing for her, but I have to say I totally love this pattern.  It is so versatile... I will be using the one I made as a diaper bag, but already told her that I will be making some for each one of my kids so they can bring their things on car rides.  It all stays nicely organized... And as you can see in the picture above, organizations isn't my strong point. This pattern will be going on sale soon, so keep your eye out for it.  

Also one last thing I wanted to share with you.  My birthday has just passed and Snappy Tots gives you a free pattern of your choice for your birthday... I am so excited.  I have been eyeing this pattern for quite some time now and can't wait to finally make it.  It is the Ashmar Garden Hat that you can find on this website.  I think it's stunning, and I hope mine looks at least somewhat like hers.  Will have to go through my stash and find the perfect yarn for it.... Can't wait :)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Jay is back LOL

Okay so I haven't posted anything in a while, mostly because I haven't really done much lately.  Jay is back and he openly does not approve of my crazyness.  He thinks that I could spend my time in more lets say useful ways like cleaning and so on.  I still do some work but not as much as when he is not here.  Another reason for this is that I crochet at night when the kids are sleeping because I have nothing else to do.  When he is here, he's awake with me so I'm not bored out of my mind by myself.  Which is also why I haven't blogged.  This is my way of secretly sharing my obsessions with people who like me are yarn obsessed :)

I did manage to do some work and here are some pics of my recent work.  Hope you like it :)  Most are things for my photographer friend, but I am making some fedoras for my girls.  

Well first of all I wanted to show you guys my top hat/bow tie set.  I have desperately been trying to work on some boy things I could pass on to my friend.  Girls are so much easier to work on.  Just make it cute and add flowers and you're done.  Boys... Well they're a whole different story.

And here is my cowboy hat.  I worked this pattern from memory, and apparently I did the brim differently.  It came out so much more like a cowboy hat than a fedora.  I do love it though.  I think it's so cute.  What I did is work two rows of increases when I started the brim, and then tried to bring it down by working two rows without any increases.  It made the brim roll up like that.  Love it, and will definitely re-create it.

And I have been wanting to make a pill box hat.  This is what I came up with.  Not sure how much I love it, but I think it is cute.  Will definitely be working up another one of these.  I think I will work one up for my Bella girl.  She would look really cute in one and definitely wear it.  Aelianka would rip it off her head before I would even get a chance to put it on.

And here is a pattern I tested for another wonderful designer.  Take Me Out to the Ballgame hat by Hatch-ed with Love.  I added a flower to it for a little girl hat, but it is a detachable flower like with all the rest of my hats so it can be a hat for a boy or a girl.  The hat is very pretty and I was very glad to test it.  

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Finishing up

I have been looking through my finished/unfinished projects bag and... what a mess.  I have a ton of stuff that's 99% complete, and forever resides in that bag.  For this reason I have decided that I will finish at least one thing in that bag per night (on top of all the other stuff I do), and hopefully empty it out and  move it into ready to gift items bin.  Funny thing is that most of that stuff is just simple fix-ups like weaving in tails and sewing on buttons.  This is what we call Hooker ADD.  I think something is cute and want to make it, but once I have done it, the challenge is over and it gets thrown in the bin :(  I hate the tedious little tasks of tails and buttons.  I also have some hats with one eye sewn on and another one inside.  Those were supposed to be my donations to LeeLee Hats.  

Here is some new things I worked up for my friend.  Love them.  Soo cute :)
First of all I did this bonnet.  As soon as I saw it I had to make one up.  I love bonnets.  I did not end up putting the flowers on because my yarn was variegated and I don't think the flowers would show up as well.  Love it.  

Next I worked on this Lady Bug.  Another cute free pattern.  It was very similar to the turtle shell pattern.  It was quick and easy to make and I made most of it up during our Stitch & Bitch yesterday. I'm sure it will be appreciated :)

I also finished another baby cocoon for her.  I love how putting the edging in the white turned out.  I think it made it so much cuter.  I love the little loopy flower as well.  Wish I could make it fuller but it was very hard working with this yarn, and it was just looking more flat the more layers of loops that I added.  

And of course I did not take pics of all the stuff and they showed up at my door, and I totally forgot about it.  So no pics of any of the wonderful things that I made... except of course for what they brought.  3 garbage bags full of yarn... AHHHHH WHAT WILL I DO WITH ALL THE YARN.  LOL.  And this one is different.  It's all wool blends.  Although I have worked with wool blends before making hats, I love the acrylic for it's softness.  But I will not complain.  I can just imagine the wonderful things I can make.. but when will I find the time?  And now to organize it all... I tried to go through and organize it by type, which is how I have mine organized right now.  

So that's what it looks now.  On the floor in my living room :)