40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge - Day 3

As I commented on my sister’s post on giving up bread for lent, I started wondering if my bag count on the 40 bags in 40 days is correct. You see she gave up bread. Something she loves. Is that equivalent to me giving up things I no longer want or need?  Or even more importantly is it equivalent to me throwing out garbage?  I mean in a way donating things is benefitting others, but who does throwing out garbage benefit?  I thought no one. And if it didn’t benefit anyone should it be counted as a bag?  Since it was my first time doing the Lent 40 bags I thought I would seek the help of my fellow baggers and asked for their opinions. This was my post.

I would like your opinions please. I was thinking today about how people give things up for Lent and I instead am donating things. And then I thought about my progress so far (11 including garbage, recycle, and donations). But does it all count? If we’re doing it in the true spirit of lent should we only count the things we donate?  How doe…

40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge - DAY 2

So things don't always work out the way they are supposed to.  I had a long day yesterday as I was up at 4AM for work, and decided against packing up the donation boxes thinking I can just do it this morning after the kids go on the bus for school.  I was planning on dropping them off right after work.  Did not think much of it since either way the things would be leaving the house today. Well the school busses were cancelled this morning due to heavy fog and I had to rush through my morning to get the kids to school on time, and unfortunately didn't get a chance to load up the boxes.   Does that mean that they will be taking up space in my house for another 6 months?  No it does not.  Because if I learned one thing in this journey is you don't get discouraged, and don't give up.  Things like this do happen.  This is life.  But the only way I will succeed is if I keep moving forward.  So the first thing I did when I got home was take out the hockey bags, load all the b…

Valentine's Day - feeling loved

So today is Valentine's Day, and although I'm single I did feel lots of love.

First of all I won a Valentine's basket at work. It was a surprise since I don't usually win these things.

Now not to be ungrateful but I'm trying to declutter my house so I had to decide if I really wanted to bring all these things into my house, and you know what?  I do not.  I mean there were a few things in there that I wanted, but overall not much.  So instead of opening it out and ending up throwing quite a few of these thing away or letting it clutter my house I gave it to my oldest son to give to his girlfriend.  He doesn't have a job at this time and wasn't able to buy her anything, and was very grateful to get this basket to give to her.  After all just because I wouldn't appreciate these gifts doesn't mean someone else wouldn't.

I also got a text from an old friend asking me out for coffee.  Now I didn't take him up on the offer because stuff with him is…

40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge - DAY 1

Today is the official start date of the "40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge" and although I've just recently completed a 40 bag declutter I was really dreading doing this.  Most of my decluttering happens on the weekends when I have time.  This would have to be different.  It had to  happen daily.  I'm not good at daily.

So I issued the challenge to my friend Kristy.

We are doing this, and we are going to make it fun... And to keep us accountable we are going to write a blog about what we accomplished.  I will try my hardest to do it daily, and to keep myself accountable I will try to blog about my progress daily.

Here's the challenge as I presented it to her.

It is a 40 bags/areas/projects challenge.  You have to either get rid of something, clean out an area that really needs done, or finish a project that's long overdue. 


We had a busy day today with work and after school activities, so couldn't accomplish too  much, but I did clean up my kitchen coun…

Here, there, everywhere... PUPPIES

So about 2 months ago I had to go into work for a few hours, and while there I got a FaceTime call from my son and it went something like this.
Mom, so I let one of the dogs out of the crate, and I couldn’t get the other one in so I just let them be and look. Now by the time he was finishing the sentence I had an idea what he was going to show me. You see our Zuzia was in heat so we were keeping the dogs separated. Either in separate rooms or one in a crate. Well this was a free science lesson for my kids. Of course my son had to go and research why the dogs were stuck together.  And later informed me that it was okay. It was normal.  It also came in handy when a week ago my 6 year old after being prompted by her 8 year old sister came and asked where do babies come from. From mommy’s belly of course. But how do they get there. Well we both know that you guys know how they get there since you weren’t very good at watching the dogs.
But needless to say we have a litter of puppies. 11 t…

January in Review

January just flew by.  When December was nearing the end I couldn't believe that the year was almost over and now another month has passed.  I usually follow this with my favourite story of when 1999 was ending and everyone was panicking because the computers were all going to fail.  It was a big story for my mom and I as we prepared for Armageddon :)

I tried to pick a volunteer project for every month, and January was blankets for the homeless.  I was in touch with a lady who was looking for blankets to hand out to the homeless.  I could commit to 10.  I went out and got the fleece, super excited to get started, I was going to make it a weekend projects.  Blankets are super easy to sew.  I had the store pre-cut my fabric into 2 meter sections so all I had to do was sew around it, flip and sew again.  Easy peasy... until I found out that they no longer were accepting blankets, as the homeless could not bring them into shelters.  Well that was unexpected. 

So what will I do with a…

Sometimes all you need is a break

So I have to admit that good intentions are not all is needed to successfully complete a cleaning plan.  I have some ideas why I failed, and maybe they are just excuses, but with 4 kids, a job, after school activities, and some health issues sprinkled in, not much time was left for cleaning.  Now I know that with cleaning, success comes with staying on top of things daily but I simply did not have time, nor energy to keep going.  I found myself trying to catch up on weekends which made me miserable.  I was quickly becoming the boring miserable me, and I didn't like it.

Now don't get me wrong.  I did make progress.  I cleaned out the spare bedroom and got rid of tons of toys, recycle, and garbage that littered the downstairs.  My tree is down and put away, and various boxes of donations, and recycle have made it out of my house.  I can say that I succeded at the 40 bags out the door challenge, but my house is nowhere near where I would like it to be.  So the past Friday while a…